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About US

Since 2013, We have been the leading experts in stone & Epoxy care. We have many satisfied residential, construction, and commercial clients. For more than 4 years, TomaStone has delivered unsurpassed quality, service, value, and expertise. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.


Finishing-off and Maintenance:

  • Deep-Clean, Polish, Hone, Acid-Wash, Pressure-Wash
  • Detail removing construction debris, installation residue, and light blemishes
  • Seal with protective sealants, enhancers, grout colorants, waxes, and coatings helping to guard against water, oil, soils, contaminants, and pollutants.


Restoration, Customization, and Repair:

  • Grind with aggressive abrasives to customize surfaces or remove lippage and other issues
  • Refinish or hone with abrasives or pads removing blemishes like scratches, etches, and marks.
  • Polish with powders and creams revealing the highest, most durable reflection or customized finish.
  • repair cracks, voids, chips, on all surfaces; and replace tiles, grout, caulking, and epoxy
  • Apply durable coatings, enhancers, and strains, creating the desired grout, concrete, or paver finish.